Spawlash Pet Grooming LLC in Denver, Colorado

Professional Dog Spa and Local Groomer Services

Dog grooming services in Denver are made easy at Spawlash Pet Grooming LLC. Our professional groomers provide dog haircuts, trim dog nails, express anal glands, clean ears and much more for a happier pet. Our centrally located pet spa draws clients from Northglenn to Westminster and Thornton looking to pamper their pups at affordable prices.

We also feature self-service dog washing, where canines of all sizes will enjoy a relaxing bath in a large tub with no-slip mats. The comfortable tub puts dogs with anxiety at ease and provides more control when washing your pooch. A temperature controlled hose with various settings makes it easy to wash your dog with the best results.

The many settings allow you to pre-rinse and work in our dog shampoo to remove dirt. Our staff will advise what cleaning methods are best suited for your pet. You can choose from Earthbath and Furminator products with natural ingredients for gentle washing. Your pooch will leave looking and smelling great in no time at all.

Our local dog groomers tailor their approach to each client. A pet haircut should consider the breed standard, the dog’s comfort and your tastes. Spawlash Pet Grooming LLC will suggest what length and style is a good match for your dog’s haircut. Whatever the choice, we use state of the art dog clippers for effortless cutting and safe results.

What are the benefits of our dog grooming services? Dog washing is a chance to check for abnormal bumps or ticks that are not easily seen. A clean dog is also happier and more relaxed, which improves behavior at home or in social settings. Trimming dog nails prevents scratches or injuries that occur during simple play sessions. Regular ear cleaning prevents infections and minimizes the chances of expensive trips to the veterinarian. These benefits and more make a visit to our Denver dog spa an investment in your pet’s health.

To schedule a session with a professional dog groomer in Denver,
please contact us at (303) 872-6908.

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